Our cutting-edge treatments

Hair loss is often thought to be resolved only through hair transplantation. This is certainly not the case!

Besides their expertise in FUE hair transplantation, Racine² practitioners master a range of treatments at the forefront of scientific advancements.

Our tailor-made treatments are capable of targeting the specifics of your situation to halt your alopecia, stimulate hair regrowth, or rejuvenate your hair. Discover these innovations.


Growth Factors: The solution lies within you

Your blood possesses coagulating and regenerating virtues. This treatment involves isolating its components and re-injecting them into your scalp using a mesotherapy gun.

Your cells are regenerated, hair loss is slowed down, and growth is stimulated.

Growth Factors

Within the personalized support of Racine², you would have previously undergone a complete hair diagnosis allowing your specialist to meticulously establish the most effective care plan.

A session, lasting approximately 45 minutes, unfolds as follows:

  • You are warmly welcomed to the center and comfortably settled in a treatment chair in a dedicated room.
  • Our experts take a blood sample.
  • The blood is centrifuged to isolate a solution, collected using a specific kit.
  • It is then injected into your scalp using a mesotherapy gun.
  • The treatment is almost painless.

For optimal results, it is recommended to undertake three sessions. The final result is visible 6 months after the last session. This treatment can complement a hair transplant to promote the development of hair implants.

The injection effectively slows down hair loss, promotes regrowth, and increases hair density.


Mesotherapy, a boost for regrowth

Mesotherapy involves injecting small amounts of specific products, a blend of hyaluronic acid and vitamins, into the dermis using microneedling (micro-needle injections), tailored to the needs of the scalp to provide the necessary nutrients.

This is the ideal treatment for temporary hair loss (post-pregnancy, weight loss, and deficiencies in particular).

Hair Mesotherapy

Within the personalized support of Racine², you would have previously undergone a complete hair diagnosis allowing your specialist to meticulously establish the most effective care plan.

A mesotherapy session lasts approximately 30 minutes. It is recommended to undertake five sessions at 15-day intervals to achieve the best possible result, visible after two months.

Here are the steps of a session:

  • Patient reception and setup in a dedicated room, on a treatment chair.
  • Preparation of the solution with the Mesotherapy injector.
  • Injection of the solution into the patient’s scalp.

Good to know: Mesotherapy injections are almost painless.


Mesograft: Your source of regeneration

Therapeutic mesograft is a major breakthrough. Your cells have the ability to self-renew, thus regenerating your scalp follicles.

With top-tier scientific rigor, Racine² center offers Nanofat and Rigenera technologies to effectively counter your hair loss and thicken your hair.

Hair Mesograft
  • Hair quality is visibly improved.
  • Hair becomes denser and regains vitality.
  • Hair loss normalizes.
  • Regrowth and growth are stimulated.

Phototherapy: flatter your scalp

LED treatment with laser diodes is painless. Diodes have a photobiomodulation effect, like photosynthesis for plants: a regenerating and repairing action on the scalp.

This is a complement to other treatments, particularly effective for seborrheic scalps. This treatment also provides a general sense of well-being and serenity.


The patient is exposed to cold and colored light on the scalp. This light, diffused through LED diodes, stimulates the regeneration of hair cells. Ideal in complement to a graft or hair treatment, you will achieve an optimal aesthetic result with one to two weekly sessions for two months.