Timeline of a Hair Transplant

Discover all the stages of the FUE hair implantation procedure made in France with Racine²

The Diagnosis


Each patient is unique. Racine² center designs the most effective personalized care path with you, medically impeccable. Therefore, everything starts with your diagnostic consultation, in the center or via video call.

The schedule includes a complete evaluation of your scalp, which may be supplemented by a computer-assisted analysis with TrichoScan. Hair growth cycles, follicle density, thickness, health of your scalp: nothing is left to chance.

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A clear quote, sweet prices


Transplant or treatment? Which formula? What price? Your specialized doctor and our teams explain everything to you, answer all your questions, in total transparency.


Now, you have a clear diagnosis of your issue and a tailored solution. Your intervention date is blocked and you receive all the instructions to prepare for your hair transplant with complete serenity.

Your patient area gathers all your exchanges and documents (quotes, prescriptions, TrichoScan results, appointments etc.) in a single interface.

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The day of the transplant


Upon your arrival at the center, you will be greeted by a member of our staff who will take you to the admissions office to finalize the last administrative points.


At Racine², each intervention follows a well-thought-out course and fully mastered techniques. Our surgeons and the entire Hairtech team ensure the smooth running of your hair transplant for a flawless process!

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Before the transplant


You will be guided to our hair salon.


Facing the mirror, you validate again the layout of your new implant with your doctor.

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Then, a hairdresser takes care of you to prepare the donor area.


The nurse takes you to a dedicated and secure rest room where you can change.

Next step, anesthesia!

Local anesthesia


The key to a less painful hair transplant

Graft analysis


Mapping and meticulous examination of the donor area.



We extract the grafts from the donor area which is healthy from alopecia.

Preparing the recipient area


The incision phase, preliminary to the reimplantation of the extracted follicular grafts, can begin. Promise, it’s still not painful!

For a natural and homogeneous result with your current implantation, the micro-incision phase must be perfectly mastered. The doctor therefore uses a Sapphire blade which allows making incisions of perfect depth and ensures the least possible invasiveness.

Shall we move on to the reimplantation?



The long-awaited moment has arrived: your future hair will take the place it deserves!

Your departure


It’s already over! After the FUE hair transplant, our post-operative rest rooms give you all the necessary time to recover from your emotions.


We ensure that your return home is accompanied. We give you all the necessary information and best practices and provide you with a customized post-transplant pack.

After the transplant


Attentive support to continue closely monitoring the success of your transplant for a year.

Just after the transplant, you will receive clear instructions. Discover some of these best practices now in our FAQ section.

Congratulations, you now know everything about our FUE transplant!

Your hair loss now belongs to the past. Enjoy your new life to the fullest!