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Racine2 banishes your insecurities and offers you a lioness mane.

Ready to roar in front of the mirror?


Yes, women also lose their hair. It’s even more common than one might think. As is often the case, societal beauty standards make female hair loss more socially challenging than its male counterpart. But that was before.

By offering its cutting-edge medical expertise at an incredibly gentle price, Racine² disrupts the market and democratizes hair transplants.

Express your style, forget your insecurities, and live with full confidence!

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No taboos, just solutions

Immediately dispel your stress and regain your smile. Our center provides access to the best hair treatments to solve your loss of density. And for more advanced situations, our unrivaled mastery of FUE hair transplant comes into play.

Our highly specialized doctors guide you with kindness and pedagogy. Their diagnosis takes into account all your specifics to formulate the right answer to your hair loss.

What are the main causes of hair loss in women?



Just like gray hair, female baldness is a sign of aging. Hair follicles shrink, hair loses density and grows more slowly.


Women undergo many hormonal changes throughout their lives. The effects on the hair are not negligible.


Unbalanced diet, lack of hydration, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, or high stress levels are all factors that can alter hair quality.

Medical causes

Alopecia areata, lupus, anemia, or even thyroid issues are also factors that cause hair loss. They can be amplified by medication.

When perfection becomes accessible

A masterful job for your hair

More than a hair transplant, Racine² offers you a journey built specifically around you. Kindness, intimacy, personalized path, less painful procedure, post-transplant follow-up… Our highly specialized doctors and surgeons leave nothing to chance.

This obsession with detail shines through in the results of your transplant, perfectly in line with your wishes. The hair implantation has a natural appearance, our procedure taking into account the original implantation of your hair, their orientation, and the specifics of your scalp.

The result is spectacular, aesthetic, and durable.


The hair revolution takes place in France

A cocoon of comfort and modernity, Racine² is the largest center dedicated to hair in Europe. It was designed to end anxiety-inducing trips abroad. Exceptional care and follow-up at the foot of the Parisian subway at an unprecedented price on the market.

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Treatment or transplant? We will make the right choice

Life events, genetics, ecosystem: the causes of your hair loss are unique. The medical expertise and technological mastery of Racine² allow us to find the ideal response to your hair or hair loss, whether it’s treatments (growth factors, mesotherapy, mesograft, light therapy) or a FUE transplant.

Practical, friendly, and free, our online diagnostic tool gives you a preliminary idea of your situation while waiting for our experts’ diagnosis.

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FUE hair transplant, how does it work?

No alleged miracle products or dubious morning routines here. At Racine², it’s scientific rigor, a high level of technology, and careful guidance that are paramount to transform your hair.

Our FUE hair transplant is simply the most advanced technique for restoring your hair density. Discover our care journey, which precisely details each step of our protocol.

Precision at every moment

Complete diagnosis, photographic assessment, TrichoScan, mapping of the donor area, understanding of the positioning and angle of the follicular units to be harvested, placement of the grafts using an optimized implanter, artificial intelligence… A gust of know-how and innovation will blow over your scalp.

Total fidelity

You jointly and precisely decide your new hair implantation with your highly specialized doctor. Drawing on your skin and rigorous validation of each decision at your side: everything is under control.

Zero stress

Between our local anesthesia protocol, the expertise of your cosmetic surgeon, our cutting-edge technologies, and the comfort of our equipment, your hair transplant will be very little painful. The center even has its own integrated hair salon to prepare your scalp and private rest rooms.

Transparency and trust

No nasty surprises at Racine². From your first appointment until the end of your care, your expert surgeon will answer all your questions transparently. This tailor-made support continues well after the procedure as part of a one-year post-transplant follow-up punctuated by regular check-ups.


Frequently Asked Questions

The causes of female hair loss are multiple and not necessarily genetic as is often the case in men.

Hair loss in women is more diffuse. It is often characterized by a gradual decrease in hair mass on the top of the head. A common phenomenon is traction alopecia, which results notably from hairstyles that are too tight and tend to pull on your hair. This form of alopecia can be exacerbated by certain actions such as intense brushing or using a straightener.

After a hair transplant at Racine Squared, the results are quickly noticeable.

However, you will have to wait a few months before displaying a fully thick head of hair. Our transplant does not require stitches: some scars and some redness, invisible to the human eye, may persist for about fifteen days.

The results of the FUE transplant operation are durable and permanent: you will notice a significantly visible result in the first year following the operation.

Initially, a period without regrowth can occur, but don’t worry, this process is normal and you will soon be able to enjoy a new head of hair. The cherry on top, our support includes rigorous check-ups.

At Racine², follow-up at the center or remotely is an integral part of the patient's care journey.

That’s why we propose to accompany you from A to Z in your hair implantation experience, from our first appointment to your last post-transplant check-up.

Over-the-counter products, dietary supplements, complementary treatments at the center: our FUE post-transplant packs are adapted to your specifics and fully personalized. You have a turnkey solution, fully adjustable according to our follow-up appointments. You will benefit from control check-ups via video conference or in person in our clinic one, six, and twelve months after your FUE hair transplant.

There are no stupid questions

In addition to a maximum of information on our transplants and treatments, the FAQ section lists the questions, sometimes intimate, that our patients have asked us. No double-talk or urban legends at Racine Carrée, we give you scientific and verified information.

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