Built Around Your Needs

Racine² was built to break down all barriers that prevented access to the best hair grafting and treatment technologies. Impeccable quality, meticulous medical monitoring, incredible pricing, easy access: our unique approach pleases everyone.

Welcome to the largest European center dedicated to this practice, strategically located at the foot of the Louise Michel station on Line 3 of the Parisian metro, easily accessible from the SNCF stations, the RER, and the RATP network.

The largest european center dedicated to hair

900 m² of dedicated space, designed to revolutionize the hair grafting sector

A minimalist and zen reception area, where stress is left at the center's entrance

15 high-tech grafting rooms, isolated and away from prying eyes, each with its own private rest area

10 treatment and care rooms

A warm atmosphere: bright consultation rooms, intimate and comfortable rest rooms

A cozy in-house hair salon

A cocoon of serenity

At Racine², your well-being is a priority at every stage of your care journey. A warm welcome, clear and compassionate consultations, respect for your privacy, painless operations, ultra-comfortable rest areas… You’ll quickly appreciate this attention to detail!

An integrated hair salon

In our center, high technology and medical rigor reign supreme, but so does aesthetics! Scanning your scalp, understanding its implantation, preparing your graft: we leave nothing to chance in the comfortable in-house hair salon for natural and stunning results.

Ideally located in Paris, our center offers you French aesthetic excellence at a price that revolutionizes the hair grafting and treatment sector.

An Ultra-Specialized Dream Team

A veritable brigade of hair experts is at your service. Eight doctors (aesthetics, cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists) and no fewer than 60 specialist Hair-Tech nurses.

900 m² designed for your comfort


French Hairtech Experts


Ultra-modern transplant rooms


Dedicated to hair, ultra-specialized


Treatment rooms


Hair salon integrated into the center


R&D department at the forefront of innovation


Latest generation Artas Robots

Frequently asked questions

The Racine² center is exclusively specialized in the field of hair grafting and treatments, in response to a loss of density or quality of your hair.

Specialties at the forefront of the latest technological innovations, provided by top-notch practitioners perfectly trained by the European elite in this field. Our clinic is also an Artas® reference center, a global leader in robotics dedicated to hair grafting.

Our mission is simple: to democratize hair grafting by making it accessible to everyone!

Rest assured, there is no need to fear.

Racine² aims for zero pain for each patient thanks to a custom local anesthesia performed in the donor and recipient areas. The result? A very low-pain treatment and a quick intervention!

While FUE grafting is indeed at the heart of our expertise, treatments are just as important.

We will meticulously choose the most effective actions to address your alopecia, your loss of hair density, or to compensate for the aftermath of certain life events (pregnancy or illness, for example).


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In addition to a maximum of information on our transplants and treatments, the FAQ section lists the questions, sometimes intimate, that our patients have asked us. No double-talk or urban legends at Racine Carrée, we give you scientific and verified information.

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