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The hair implant offering has been growing over the years, with various methods leading to highly variable results. Is the operation reliable? Is the outcome natural? What about the aftercare?

Racine² was designed to address all these concerns. Experience your hair renewal with complete serenity at a fair price, without going abroad.

Our solution: customization, from A to Z. Our highly specialized experts meticulously analyze your situation to determine the most suitable graft or treatment scenario.

Don’t miss the train of the French HairTech revolution.

Cutting-edge technologies.
Great results.

You are unique. So is your care journey.


Excellence at each step

Our hair experts didn’t come from nowhere. They were trained by the European elite in hair grafting. To establish the protocols applied at Racine², they selected the best methods for each step in the hair, beard, or eyebrow grafting process.

Our teams are trained to treat all types of hair, whether fine or thick, straight, curly, frizzy, or kinky. Their experience and methodology leave nothing to chance and will always guide you towards the most effective solutions to solve your alopecia at the fairest price.

This synergy between our highly committed teams, our state-of-the-art equipment, and our ultra-modern center allows us to achieve increasingly high levels of quality and to push the profession forward. This is the French HairTech revolution.

The stages of a FUE graft

The alliance between research and innovation

FUE graft, Growth Factors treatment, Rigenera mesograft and NanoFat, phototherapy… Racine² experts master all innovations to respond to all situations of hair density loss. And since science is always in motion, Racine² has an integrated research and development department allowing it to constantly offer you the best in grafting and hair treatments.


Robotics boost

While we are specialists in manual FUE grafting, the help of our faithful hi-tech assistant, the Artas robot, is also welcome depending on the situation.

Its formidable artificial intelligence allows for precise mapping of the donor area. Our robotic assistant is also able to ensure that the density of the reimplanted grafts is mathematically perfect and homogeneous.

Discover the robot

Our Surgeons

The elite of French HairTech.
Precision craftsmanship and mastery of the latest innovations for your hair and your well-being.

Magic fingers
and a huge heart

The human element is at the heart of the process at Racine².

Advice, explanations, availability: our teams accompany you with kindness within the framework of a personalized action plan from A to Z.

We aim to push this mindset as far as possible. Our center welcomes all hair types without distinction. For example, the rates remain the same for very wavy or kinky hair, which are reputed to be more complex to handle in a graft. Our surgeon doctors are also trained to treat hair of all natures.

The same spirit applies to health issues: we make every effort to take care of children and adults affected by burns, birthmarks, or who have experienced illness. Self-confidence also goes through hair!

No pain
at all!


Many of us are afraid of injections.
Racine² aims for zero pain for seamless operations!