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Women, girls, mothers, hair loss is not the exclusive domain of men and it affects us all. Erase all your complexes and throw your overpriced “miracle” products into the nearest yellow bin. Proximity, medical rigor, transparency, accessibility: the hair revolution is happening in Paris.

To find out if you’re losing your hair abnormally, take the traction test: run both hands through your hair, fingers spread out like the teeth of a large comb. If more than 20 hairs remain between your fingers, it’s a sign of more significant hair loss than average.

To address this with confidence, the Racine² center offers you the most advanced hair treatments on the market. For the most damaged hair and to magnify your eyebrows, our aesthetic surgeons also propose the FUE hair transplant, the ultimate solution in the field. Let’s talk about it!


Why is my hair falling out?

The factors of hair loss are very different in men and women. Androgenetic alopecia, the hair loss that causes baldness, remains largely a sad male privilege.

Discover with Racine² the factors specific to women that cause a loss of density or hair quality, or even the loss of your precious hair. Spoiler alert: Racine² has all the solutions to resurrect your sparkling mane.

Hair transplant

At Racine², our aesthetic surgeons are as skilled in advanced transplant techniques as in the  most innovative treatments. They will propose the most appropriate, effective, and economical medical scenario based on your situation.

Know that in the vast majority of cases, treatments address most hair problems in women. Our legendary FUE transplant comes into play for the most critical situations with extraordinary results.

The female body is often the site of many variations: women’s hormones regularly ride roller coasters.

Yo-yo weight, puberty, menopause, menstruation, pregnancy, anemia, postpartum, thyroid problems, polycystic ovary syndrome, etc. All these periods have a more or less marked influence on women’s hair health.

Regularly, women face situations that can have harmful effects and be factors in hair loss:

  • Stress.
  • Dietary imbalance.
  • The use of aggressive products for the scalp.
  • Hair tied too tightly. This is known as traction alopecia.
  • Overuse of straighteners.

Some skin problems can cause hair loss. Psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis (or seborrheic eczema) can cause scalp alteration, a slowdown in growth, and, at the most extreme level, hair loss.

Autoimmune diseases such as alopecia areata (patchy hair loss) or lupus can cause hair loss on certain areas of the scalp or skin. In a patient with these diseases, scalp regeneration and regrowth can occur, but they are not systematic.

The main characteristic of scarring alopecia is the permanent destruction of hair follicles, replaced by scar tissue. Hair system follicular destructions occur after trauma such as a burn or surgical intervention.

These situations are complex, and only the diagnosis of our specialized doctors can determine if a treatment is possible. So, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Of genetic origin, baldness in women, much less common than in men, still affects one in five women over the age of 50. Unlike men, female baldness does not cause a completely bald area.

It is more diffuse and results in a significant reduction in hair density and a more or less sparse appearance, depending on the stage and level of your baldness on the Ludwig scale (for men, the Norwood scale is used).


Rediscovered eyebrows, evaporated worries

Eyebrow loss is a rarely discussed yet widespread phenomenon. Thinning of the eyebrow ridge can be particularly unattractive and cause complexes for women.

Ladies, the experts at the Racine² center accompany you to regain a tender, captivating, or petrifying gaze (it’s up to you).

Eyebrow transplant

While a lot of talk about alopecia is in the case of hair loss, did you know that eyebrow alopecia can happen very quickly and accompany your hair loss?

Our center, conveniently accessible by public transport and located in a peaceful neighborhood, is a reference in hair and hair transplants. So don’t hesitate to call on our ultra-specialized surgeons for a tailor-made transplant of your eyebrow ridge!

Eyebrow loss can have multiple causes such as prolonged exposure to stress or emotional shocks. Some skin infections also cause the loss of your hair in your eyebrow area.

Alopecia areata and, in general, autoimmune diseases can also affect your precious eyebrows.

Don’t worry! Female eyebrow loss can be treated with the FUE transplant procedure that will allow you to increase the density of your eyebrow line!

This innovative method involves implanting hair on your eyebrow ridge to densify eyebrows and sometimes alter their shape. Since eyebrows should not grow as fast as hair, the donor areas are very specific, like the lower back of the neck, for example.

At Racine², we are committed to a painless transplant, French expertise, and a 100% aesthetic result, without costing you an arm and a leg!