Eyebrow Transplant

At work or in private, your gaze conveys your emotions and confidence. Turn it into a powerful seduction tool.


Who said eyebrow grooming was reserved for women only? Do you wish to perfect your look, remedy a complex, mask a scar? Restore a loss of density on your eyebrow arch following chemotherapy or radiotherapy? Whether your reasons are purely aesthetic or also restorative, you’ve come to the right place!

Racine² arrives to restore your eyebrows to their bushy appearance or their well-defined line, to magnify your gaze and your presence. The best of French transplant at a staggering price.

Loss of eyebrows?
No worries.

You are in excellent hands. Our Racine² clinic, the largest hair transplant center in Europe, is a reference in hair and hair follicle extraction and implantation.

Our FUE eyebrow transplant procedure will allow you to increase the density of your eyebrow line by aesthetically, naturally, and evenly compensating for eyebrow loss.

But what are the causes of your eyebrow loss?


Alopecia Areata

This patchy hair loss can affect your hair, your beard, but can also be located at the level of the eyebrows.

Emotional Shocks

Strong emotions due to life events can cause thinning of the eyebrow arch.

Autoimmune Diseases

These phenomena frequently have repercussions on the facial appearance which can lead to a heavy complex to bear daily for our patients.

Skin Infections

Infectious reactions of the skin sometimes cause alterations in the regrowth of the eyebrow.

Our prices?
Nothing to raise an eyebrow at.

in FUE Transplant

Do you want to maintain your eyebrow line or simply modify and improve their natural implantation? Our FUE eyebrow transplant protocol is revolutionary and adapts to the nature of your hair.

It allows for rigorous selection of the extracted follicular units. Their reimplantation, ultra-precise, strictly follows your directives for a spectacular, aesthetic, natural, and lasting result.


The hair revolution takes place in France

Racine² was designed to put an end to anxiety-inducing and uncertain stays abroad while offering the best of hair care at unprecedented prices on the market. Exceptional care and follow-up at the foot of the Parisian metro.

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State-of-the-art grafts and treatments tailored to each patient

Genetics, lifestyle, health status, degree of hair loss: your situation is unique. The medical expertise and technological mastery of Racine² allow us to find the ideal response to your hair or hair loss.

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Redesigned eyebrows in a blink of an eye

Life is simpler when there are no more questions to ask. With the FUE eyebrow transplant from Racine², you simply opt for the safest and most effective method to magnify your gaze and boost your confidence.

The incomparable expertise of our cosmetic surgeons will ensure a result adapted to the nature of your hair and completely natural. So, go for it!

Definition of your eyebrow line

The shape and density of your new eyebrows are defined, drawn on your skin, and validated by your expert surgeon. No worries, you control your future look.

Zero pain objective

Between our local anesthesia protocol, the expertise of your cosmetic surgeon, and our cutting-edge technologies (like our exclusive implanter), your eyebrow transplant will be almost painless.

Absolute confidence from A to Z

No nasty surprises at Racine². From your first appointment until the end of your care, your expert surgeon will answer all your questions transparently.

This tailored follow-up continues well after the intervention with regular checks to follow the perfect evolution of your graft.



Promise, it's quick!

After a FUE hair transplant, small scabs are noticeable for up to 15 days on the grafted area. This is absolutely normal.

After our intervention, nature takes over.

  • First fall of reimplanted hair in the first 2 months, which is perfectly normal.
  • From the third month, the first hairs from the grafted follicles appear.
  • After 6 months, at least 50% of your new hairs will have grown back.
  • The final result is visible from the twelfth month.

Remember that Racine² always follows you closely in the context of a meticulous postoperative follow-up included in the service.

Every situation is unique.

Indeed, the feasibility of this type of graft depends on many parameters that must be scrutinized by your specialized doctor during a first diagnostic appointment.

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There are no stupid questions

In addition to a maximum of information on our transplants and treatments, the FAQ section lists the questions, sometimes intimate, that our patients have asked us. No double-talk or urban legends at Racine Carrée, we give you scientific and verified information.

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