Artas Robot,
our ally from
the future


Although they are experts in manual FUE transplants, the specialists at Racine2 can rely on this technological gem to assist them in specific operations when the situation permits. Very versatile, the Artas robot faithfully obeys the directives of your surgeon.

The artificial intelligence that supports our dream team


Quality: Its imaging system and AI allow it to select the best follicular units to extract while preserving the donor area.

Precision: An extraction and a reimplantation with a natural result without any visible scarring.

Homogeneity: The density of the grafts is perfectly regular and consistent with the rest of your hair.


Your scalp has been prepared, photographed, and the donor area is defined.

With its powerful AI, the Artas robot then maps the donor area under team control to analyze the positioning and angle of the follicular units to be extracted.


You are comfortably seated and anesthetized as part of our zero pain goal.

Under the direction of the surgeon, the Artas robot performs ultra-precise extraction of the best follicular units while respecting the donor area.


When the situation allows for a robotic graft, the doctor controls the Artas robot to make micro-incisions that allow the grafts to be implanted with a minimum of handling, in order to preserve their quality.


A price-quality ratio that revolutionizes the market

Our graft formulas

When a graft is recommended, three formulas are at your disposal to perfectly meet your hair situation, always at fair and transparent prices. Feel free to use our online diagnostic tool to get a first estimate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Artas® robot offers a highly precise approach.

This technology ensures perfect homogeneity of your hair density. Indeed, the robot’s mathematical regularity during the extraction, incision, and reimplantation phases provides extraordinary precision.

Hair transplantation using Artas technology offers quickly visible results.

If hair loss is observed in the first few weeks – which corresponds to the creation of a new growth phase – it is quite normal. After a few months, you will notice a harmonious and abundant regrowth of your hair. You can put your hair problems in the past!

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