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A rejuvenating treatment for your scalp with microneedling

30 minutes

Session: 110 €

Mesotherapy involves injecting hyaluronic acid and vitamins into the follicles to densify the hair fiber and activate its growth.


A technique that has continuously evolved over the past 70 years, mesotherapy is now applied to the world of haircare in the form of treatments with proven and impressive results.

This aesthetic medicine technique is based on microneedling, a regenerating skin care treatment using micro-needles and is almost painless. 5 sessions spread over 2 months will make your hair stronger, denser and stimulate their growth and regrowth. As for hair loss, it will be significantly slowed down.

The process

The patient is welcomed at the Racine2 center and comfortably settled in a treatment room dedicated to mesotherapy.


Preparation of the solution using the Haircare Mesotherapy injector specially designed for microneedling administrations.


Product is administered into the scalp for direct action on hair follicles.


The patient returns to their daily activities without disruption due to side effects.


Micro injections,
small price,
maximum results

Adapted, clear
and accessible

Transformed hair in two months


An almost immediate slowdown in hair loss


Boosted hair growth


Zero pain


Final result visible after an average of 3 months

Frequently asked questions

With hair mesotherapy: your hair hasn't had the last word!

Scalp treatment by mesotherapy densifies the hair and makes it stronger! For what result? An almost immediate slowdown in hair loss and boosted growth! And this, without taking medication.

Mesotherapy is a medical treatment developed by a French general practitioner in the 1950s.

It is a therapy that involves injecting micro-doses of a drug under the skin of a sick area of the body. Traditionally, mesotherapy is used to treat pain caused by sprains, headaches, back pain, arthritis or even cancer without medication. It often complements the use of analgesic medications.

Today, mesotherapy is used for treatments like grafting to treat symptoms and disorders caused by baldness and hair loss, and to stimulate hair growth and regrowth.

The product injected into the follicles is composed mainly of hyaluronic acid and vitamins. Its action consists in densifying the hair fiber and activating its regrowth. It’s an aesthetic medicine technique based on microneedling, a regenerating skin treatment with micro-needles.

A minimum of 5 sessions 15 days apart is recommended for the patient and it's no problem to go up to 10 sessions depending on the results obtained.

At Racine², our team of highly specialized doctors, surgeons, and nurses practice Haircare mesotherapy. A session lasts about 20 minutes. 0 pain for 100% comfort and kindness, at a small price, what more could the people ask for?

In the context of a hair mesotherapy session, it is ideal to space the first 5 sessions by 15-day periods.

The effect and first results are noticeably visible at the end of this first phase of the treatment. Doctors then advise having one session per month for the next 5 sessions.

Are the results really that quick? Yes! Thanks to Haircare mesotherapy, the hair becomes visibly stronger, denser. Hair and hair loss is slowed down, if not stopped, and the process of regrowth and growth is boosted.

In the end, the entire life cycle of the hair is revitalized. A true rejuvenating cure!

For an optimal effect, we advise you to combine mesotherapy with LED light therapy sessions which increase microcirculation and oxygenation of hair cells.

Hair (and hair) loss is normal daily: everyone loses a certain number of hairs every day, between 50 and 150 approximately.

However, it can happen that this hair loss accelerates abnormally and alarmingly. Whatever the cause, when the symptoms of baldness set in, it is called alopecia.

Several causes can be responsible for baldness:

  • Stress: when it occurs, it can cause a dysfunction of the cells of the hair follicle. Thus, it is not uncommon to notice significant hair loss following emotional shock or prolonged stress.
  • Deficiency: a lack of iron and vitamins (especially in women who have heavy periods) makes the hair duller and slower to regrow.
  • Taking medication: the side effects of certain drug treatments can have consequences on hair health.
  • Hormones: hormonal variations especially in women (rise or fall of hormones in the menopause phase, postpartum, menstrual cycle, etc.) have a significant influence on hair health.
  • An autoimmune skin disease: diseases like alopecia areata or lupus can cause telogen effluvium (transitory and reversible hair loss).
  • Heredity: this is the most common factor for androgenetic alopecia in men.
  • Alopecia symptom due to chemotherapy treatment for diseases like cancer is transitory and cannot be treated by mesotherapy (nor by graft or PRP treatment).

Don’t let hair loss settle in! Call on Racine ²!

We take no risks!

During pregnancy, all therapeutic treatments are not recommended. Even if to date no contraindication has been provided, we strictly follow health recommendations. Our expert doctors will be able to tell you more in a diagnostic consultation.

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