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Beard Transplant

Lumberjack, hipster or viking? We are going to make you beard-ready!


Oils, balms, variations of shaving techniques and growth phases… Despite all your efforts and expenses, you can’t manage to grow a full and uniform beard? Racine²’s medical expertise in FUE beard transplants comes to the rescue.

It’s the most reliable, long-lasting, and aesthetic method to optimize your hairiness and enhance your style. Custom support, French craftsmanship, and highly specialized techniques at a truly affordable price.

Shall we discuss? Our approach

An irregular beard? Don’t stress.

According to a recent survey by Opinionway, 92% of men between 25 and 34 years old have a beard. Today, it has become a symbol of virility or simply a tool to affirm one’s style.

For various reasons, the beard can unfortunately turn into a fallow field with numerous gaps and irregularities. In case of hair follicle fall, we then talk about beard alopecia or alopecia barbae.

Let’s review some frequent causes currently preventing you from competing with Sébastien Chabal, James Harden or Thor.


Alopecia Areata

This loss of hair in patches is linked to heredity, stress or an infection and can cause total or partial loss of your beard hair.

Skin aggressions

Diet, environment, harsh products, are all daily factors that can impact your beard hairs.

Skin problems

Psoriasis, eczema, or seborrheic dermatitis are skin problems that can harm your beard.

Cicatricial alopecia

After a burn or surgery, you may suffer from cicatricial alopecia in your beard area.

Thick beard, safe wallet

Fear not, it’s going to be bearding!

Your beard is going to get a massive level up. From your first diagnosis to our legendary post-operative support, you will experience a custom journey where you are the hero. A modern dedicated building, designed around your desires, the specifics of your skin and hair. Our teams consist of the best cosmetic surgeons and a squad of Hair Technicians as specialized as they are competent.

Get your chainsaw full. On our side, we’ll take care of the lumberjack beard that goes with it.


The hair revolution takes place in France

Turkey? Greece? Or an overpriced institute in France? Racine² is coming in strong to disrupt the hair transplant and treatment market and end your stress.

Finally, exceptional care and ultra-rigorous medical follow-up at a gentle price and at the foot of the Parisian metro.

Discover the center

State-of-the-art grafts and treatments tailored to each patient

Genetics, lifestyle, health status, degree of hair loss: your situation is unique. The medical expertise and technological mastery of Racine² allow us to find the ideal response to your hair or hair loss.

Men's Grafts Treatments

There is no better transplant for your beard

Years of research combined with the know-how of the industry leaders, that’s confidence-inspiring. With Racine²’s FUE beard transplant, you simply opt for the safest and most effective method to boost your look.

Your cosmetic surgeon collects your healthy hair grafts and harmoniously reimplants them on your face to rebuild a perfect beard. A little boost to nature that assures you a result stunning in precision, indistinguishable from a classic beard.

Aesthetic perfection

The shape and density of your beard are defined, drawn on your skin, and validated by your expert surgeon. You are in total control of your look.

Zero pain objective

Between our local anesthesia protocol, the know-how of your cosmetic surgeon and our cutting-edge technologies, your beard transplant will be very little painful.

Absolute confidence from A to Z

No nasty surprises at Racine². From your first appointment until the end of your care, your expert surgeon will answer all your questions transparently.

This tailor-made support continues well after the procedure as part of regular check-ups to monitor the perfect progress of your transplant.


Frequently asked questions

Our FUE transplant protocol restores your beard hairs as it does with your hair.

During the transplant operation, hair follicles are taken from a donor area on the scalp before being carefully selected.

Hair and beard hair are almost identical in composition: the hair grafts adapt to their transplant area and grow back as hairs. As always, nature is well made!

Après une greffe capillaire FUE, de petites croûtes sont perceptibles jusqu'à 15 jours sur la zone greffée. C’est absolument normal.

First fall of reimplanted hair in the first 2 months, which is perfectly normal.

  • After 4 months, at least 50% of your new hairs will have grown back.
  • The final result is visible from the ninth month.
  • As the area is more vascularized than the scalp, the results are even faster than for a hair transplant.

Remember that Racine² always follows you closely in the context of a meticulous postoperative follow-up included in the service.

There are no stupid questions

In addition to a maximum of information on our transplants and treatments, the FAQ section lists the questions, sometimes intimate, that our patients have asked us. No double-talk or urban legends at Racine Carrée, we give you scientific and verified information.

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