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Eyebrow Transplant

Whether your eyebrows are large, thin, wide, or bushy, no one has a say in your appearance and preferences. Racine² is simply here to provide you with the eyebrow line of your dreams.


For many women, having a well-groomed, full, and harmonious eyebrow line is a way of asserting their personality and femininity. Eyebrows shape your face, underline your gaze, and materialize your emotions and charm.

By combining high-level medical protocol and affordable prices, Racine² revolutionizes the market and finally democratizes eyebrow transplantation. This allows more and more women to move forward in their lives with total confidence without breaking the bank.

The steps of a transplant

Eyebrow loss? No worries.

You simply wish to perfect your look? Hide a scar that makes you self-conscious? Restore a loss of density in your eyebrow arch following chemotherapy or radiotherapy? Whatever your motivation, entrust your gaze to our highly specialized surgeons: we will take care of it as if it were the apple of our eyes.

Let’s together discover the most common causes of eyebrow alopecia.


Alopecia and Autoimmune Diseases

These phenomena frequently have repercussions on facial physiognomy, leading to a complex that’s hard to bear on a daily basis. Alopecia areata, a loss of hair in patches, can affect your hair but can also occur in the eyebrows.

Psychological shocks

Stress and strong emotions due to life events can cause thinning of the eyebrow arch.

A genetic factor

Just like for hair, certain genetic factors can cause androgenetic alopecia that affects your eyebrows.

Skin Infections

Eczema and psoriasis affect many French women. These skin infections sometimes cause eyebrow hair loss.

A smoldering gaze, with finances at ease

Almost painless. Totally dazzling.

Racine² is the largest European hair transplant center and is a reference in the field of manual or robotic extraction and implantation of hair and hair follicles.

Our FUE eyebrow transplant procedure will allow you to increase the density of your eyebrow line by compensating for eyebrow loss in an aesthetic, natural, and uniform manner. It allows for a rigorous selection of the follicular units extracted.

Their ultra-precise reimplantation follows your instructions meticulously for a spectacular, aesthetic, and durable result.


The hair revolution is happening in France

Racine² was conceived to put an end to anxiety-inducing and uncertain trips abroad, while offering the best in hair care at unprecedented prices on the market. Exceptional care and follow-up at the foot of the Parisian metro.

Discover the center

Cutting-edge treatments adapted to each patient

Life events, genetics, ecosystem: the factors of your hair loss are unique. The medical expertise and technological mastery of Racine² allow us to find the ideal solution to your hair or hair follicle loss, whether it involves treatments or a transplant.

Treatments Hair Transplants for Women

Redesigned eyebrows in the blink of an eye

Life is easier when there are no more questions to ask. The eyebrow transplant from Racine² is simply the most advanced technique for restoring the density of your eyebrows. Opt for the safest and most effective method to magnify your gaze and gain confidence.

The incomparable expertise of our aesthetic surgeons will ensure a result adapted to the nature of your hairs. So, go ahead!

Defining your eyebrow line

The shape and density of your new eyebrows are defined, drawn on your skin, and validated by your expert surgeon.

No worries, you control your future gaze.

Aiming for zero pain

Between our local anesthesia protocol, the expertise of your aesthetic surgeon, our cutting-edge technologies, and the comfort of our equipment, your eyebrow transplant will be almost painless.

Complete transparency and trust

No unpleasant surprises at Racine². From your first appointment to the end of your care, your expert surgeon will answer all your questions in complete transparency. This tailored support continues well after the procedure in the form of regular check-ups to monitor the perfect evolution of your transplant.


Frequently Asked Questions

Promised, it's quick!

After an FUE hair transplant, small scabs can be noticed for up to 15 days on the transplanted area. That’s absolutely normal.

After our procedure, nature takes over.

  • The first fall of the reimplanted hairs within the first two months, which is entirely normal.
  • From the third month, the first hairs from the grafted follicles appear.
  • By six months, at least 50% of your new hairs will have regrown.
  • The final result is visible from the twelfth month.

Don’t forget that Racine² still closely follows you as part of a meticulous post-operative follow-up included in the service.

Every situation is unique.

Indeed, the feasibility of this type of graft depends on many parameters that must be scrutinized by your specialized doctor during a first diagnostic appointment.

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There are no stupid questions

In addition to a maximum of information on our transplants and treatments, the FAQ section lists the questions, sometimes intimate, that our patients have asked us. No double-talk or urban legends at Racine Carrée, we give you scientific and verified information.

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