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Growth Factors

The solution is in you

45 minutes

Session: 280 €

Isolate the beneficial components of your blood to reinject them into areas of hair loss.


Did you know that 2/3 of men experience hair loss from the age of 35?

It is around 35 years on average when the receding hairline becomes noticeable.

The use of Growth Factors treatment is particularly effective at the early stage of alopecia. It is a real boost to reactivate your cells.

Hair loss is considerably slowed down, and hair growth is stimulated. It’s a second youth for your hair follicles!

The Process

The patient is welcomed and comfortably settled in a treatment room specially dedicated to the treatment.


Through a blood draw, the practitioner takes about 10 ml of blood in a specific tube.


The blood is placed in a centrifuge. This process allows separating the different components of the blood and concentrating this beneficial solution.


5 to 6 ml of growth factors are extracted for the injection using a specially designed kit.


The solution is injected by the practitioner using a mesotherapy gun. These injections are almost painless.


Counteract your alopecia without breaking the bank!

Adapted, clear,
and accessible

Effective from the first signs of alopecia


Healthier hair: shinier, silkier, thicker


Stopping or slowing down of hair loss


Boosted hair growth


Final result visible after four to six months

Frequently asked questions

By the age of 50, nearly 85% of men lose their hair to a greater or lesser extent.

Are women spared from this phenomenon known as androgenetic alopecia? No, they are also affected by the problem of hair loss, the causes of which can be diverse.

Fortunately, several effective treatments and care exist and produce excellent results. They slow down or even stop hair loss and stimulate growth for visible and lasting regrowth.

It's a drug-free technique that isolates key components of the blood using a centrifuge.

They are then reinjected into areas of hair loss. Growth Factors treatment is not only used in the field of hair repair but also in other areas of medicine such as treatment for severe burns or facial cosmetic surgery. The injections have no side effects on the body since the samples come from the patient’s body, unlike alternative treatments like Finasteride or Minoxidil.

Yes and no!

This answer is a bit annoying? Here’s the explanation: for a hair to grow, its follicular base must be active. When the hair starts to fall out and thin, it’s a sign that the hair cells are starting to tire and that the process of androgenetic alopecia is underway. By stimulating these cells with this injection, you “give them a boost”.

They become active again: hair loss is significantly slowed down, hair growth is stimulated, and the hair follicles regain a second youth. In this case, the hair (or hair) strengthens, densifies, and becomes more resistant and of better quality. That’s why the Growth Factors treatment is effective at the early stage of alopecia.

When the scalp is completely bald, the hair follicles are no longer healthy. They are no longer responsive to stimulation and become inactive. In this case, the technique no longer has any effects. It is better to turn to the FUE transplant technique which will then be much more effective.

A treatment is something that needs to be prepared!

Growth Factors treatment is suitable for both women and men. The only reserve concerns the health of pregnant women, people with diabetes, or suffering from a skin pathology (such as alopecia areata) as well as hemophiliacs.

Ideal in addition to a hair transplant, Growth Factors treatment is even more effective if it is combined with one or two LED phototherapy sessions.

It can also be alternated with hair mesografting to boost the factors of follicular uptake.

At least three sessions, spaced four to six weeks apart, are recommended for a significant result. The final result is visible after four to six months.

Unlike a hair transplant, a treatment is not permanent.

A new Growth Factors session allows you to maintain the benefits of the treatment. Depending on your situation and the recommendations of your specialized doctor, this session takes place 6 to 12 months after the previous one.

We take no risks!

During pregnancy, all therapeutic treatments are not recommended. Even if to date no contraindication has been provided, we strictly follow health recommendations. Our expert doctors will be able to tell you more in a diagnostic consultation.

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Yes, it's perfectly normal, common, and logical!

By injecting your Growth Factors treatment via microneedling into the follicles, some hairs see their telogen phase accelerated. They would have fallen out naturally anyway but do so earlier.

This is good news, as these hairs then begin their anagen phase (growth) with vitality enhanced by the treatment. This is a temporary loss and the sign of the imminent arrival of stronger hair.

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